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To qualify for an IUD insertion (Mirena, Kyleena or Copper IUD) you must:

Be on your period at the time of your appointment


Have abstained from sex for two weeks prior to your appointment


Prices start from $760 for an insertion only, this includes:

- Same-day consultation with the Doctor and Anaesthetist

- The contraception device (Mirena, Kyleena or Copper IUD)

- Anaesthetic

- In theatre procedure

- In-theatre ultrasound to check IUD position

- Time in recovery

- 4-6 week Follow-up consultation

- Ultrasound during follow-up appointment to check IUD position If you require a replacement of an existing IUD there will be a small additional charge


Please note: you are booking in for a 20min arrival window, the length of your visit will be at minimum 3-4 hours

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