Please make sure you:

  1. Read through your patient information &

  2. Complete your online pre-admission forms ASAP


In order to qualify for an IUD insertion, you must either 

  • be on your period at the time of your appointment 


  • abstain from sex for 2 weeks before your appointment 

Your estimated cost (with a Medicare card) is:


Mirena or Copper IUD insertion

  • with anaesthetic $710

  • without anaesthetic $350

Mirena or Copper IUD replacement

  • with anaesthetic $760

  • without anaesthetic $400



Your preparation instructions are as follows:


  • Bring your Medicare card and a form of photo ID.

  • Bring two sanitary pads and spare underwear.

  • We may need a urine sample from you during your admission.


IF you are having anaesthetic you MUST:


  • have someone to pick you up.

  • You must

    • FAST from midnight (if arriving before 12pm) or 

    • FAST from 6am (if arriving 12pm or later)

This means nothing to eat, drink, or smoke before arriving, Water may be consumed up to two hours beforehand.

  • You cannot catch Taxis/Ubers alone or public transport at all.

  • You will be at our hospital for 4-6 hours and we will call your escort and will give them approximately an hours’ notice of your discharge time.


Please be advised that if the preparation instructions are not strictly adhered to, we may need to reschedule your appointment, or turn you away on the day of your booking.


Our address is:


East Brisbane Day Hospital, 45 Wellington Road, East Brisbane QLD 4169

Please advise if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone suspected to have, or confirmed to have Corona Virus.


Please consider bringing your own pen to the appointment to avoid cross contamination


If you have any other questions, please contact one of our friendly staff on 07 3397 1211