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To complete your preadmission you must: 

1. Read through your ​​ Patient Information 

2. Complete your  online pre-admission forms


Your preparation instructions are as follows:

  • Bring your Medicare card and a form of photo ID.

  • Bring two sanitary pads and spare underwear.

  • We may need a urine sample from you during your admission so please check with reception before using the bathroom if they need a sample

  • If you have a letter from your GP or ultrasound scan results, bring these with you

  • You may also like to bring some headphones, a phone charger or even a book to keep you occupied while you wait, some patients have suggested socks to keep their feet warm as well.


Because you are having anaesthesia you MUST:

  • have someone to pick you up.

  • You must FAST from midnight  (or  fast from 6am if your arrival time is after midday)

This means nothing to eat, drink, or smoke before arriving, Water may be consumed up to two hours beforehand.

Your estimated cost (with a Medicare card) is:

$650             up to 10 weeks

$700                10-12 weeks

$800                      12 weeks

$950                      13 weeks

$1100                    14 weeks

$1250                    15 weeks

Please be aware:

  • if the preparation instructions are not strictly adhered to, we may need to reschedule your appointment, or turn you away on the day of your booking.

  • You cannot catch Taxis/Ubers alone or public transport at all.

  • You are booked in for DAY surgery, this means you will be at our facility for a good portion of the day (approximately 5-6 hours), waiting times are to be expected. please see below a typical flow of a patient journey 

If you have any other questions, please contact one of our friendly staff on 07 3397 1211

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